1. Design and Operation of Production/Service Systems
  • System Design (facility layout, capacity planning, etc,) 
  • Production Planning and Inventory Control
  • Process Planning
  • Operation Scheduling and Control
  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS), etc.

2. Supply Chain Management
  • Decisions on Facilities
    (facility location, capacity determination, etc.)
  • Decisions on Transportation
    (network design, vehicle routing and scheduling, etc.)
  • Decisions on Inventory location and allocation
  • Information Systems (MRP, ERP, APS..), etc
3. Reverse Logistics
  • Design and Operation of Collection Networks
  • Design and Operation of Remanufacturing Systems
  • Disassembly Process Planning
  • Design for Environment, etc.
4. Technical Backgrounds
  • Optimization Techniques
    (Linear programming, Integer programming, Network theory, etc.)
  • Meta heuristics or AI techniques
  • Probability and Statistics
  • Coding Language or Simulation, etc.