1.Production System
Production system means that the field of various decision problems is related to the design/menagement about a production system. So this subject deals with understing problems of decision and methods of designing/solving

Included in this course are:
  • The abstract of production - definition and basic
  • Manufacturing Strategy
  • Design Problems
    • Facility Layout
    • Facility Location,.etc.
  • Operational Problems 
    • Inventory models
    • Forecasting
    • Production Planning and Scheduling,.etc
  • Others
    • Project Scheduling,.etc.
2.Operations Research
The purpose of this subject is intruducing about various OR problems and solving methodes and studying the applications.
Included in this course are:
  • the concept of Operations Research - Definition, History and Basics
  • Deterministic Models
    • Linear Programming  
    • Transportation Problem
    • Assignment Problem 
    • Integer Programming
    • Network Theory 
  • Decision Analysis
  • Stochastic Models
    • Queueing Theory,.etc.